Ornate Victorian Raven Skull Necklace

$69.00 USD

This ornate Victorian raven skull measures a mere 7/8" long, my smallest raven skull yet. It is solid cast in Bronze, White Bronze or Sterling Silver. The high relief ornate floral design was borrowed from the rear half of an antique Victorian weather vane. The intricate design just happened to fit the proportions of the raven skull resulting in the perfect marriage of old and new. Corvus brachyrhynchos is a bird that most of us are familiar with. Being a member of the Corvus family (which also includes Ravens, Magpies, and Jays), the crow is blessed with extreme intelligence including the ability to problem solve as well as to make and use tools, an obvious sense of humour, a strong survival instinct and the ability to adapt to just about any environmental conditions. Corvids are one of the most successful families of birds on this planet, due to their ability to adapt and thrive almost anywhere! 



AVAILABLE PENDANT METALS:  Bronze, Sterling Silver
SIZE:        7/8" Length
WEIGHT: 5 grams
CHAIN:     Bronze Version - 24" Antique Bronze Chain
                 Solid Sterling Silver Version - 24" Silver Chain
All pieces arrive in a custom Moon Raven Designs Gift Box along with jewelry care instructions.
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