Tiny Mjolnir Rams Head Thors Hammer Necklace

$59.00 USD

This tiny rams head Thor's Hammer is just for the ladies. It is made of solid sterling silver with amazing detail for a piece this small. Measuring a mere 1/2" long by 7/16" wide, it is dwarfed by the 5mm jump ring it hangs from. 

The Viking god Thor owned a short-handled hammer, which, when thrown at a target, returned magically to its owner. His hammer also had the power to throw lightning bolts. To wield his hammer, Thor wore the a magical belt, which boosted the wearer's strength and a pair of special iron gloves, to lift the hammer. The hammer was also his main weapon when fighting giants. The uniquely shaped symbol subsequently became a very popular ornament during the Viking Age and has since become an iconic symbol of Germanic paganism.

Hung on a matching chain the length of your choice.

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