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Ladies Mjolnir Necklace Solid Sterling Silver Thors Hammer in Solid Sterling Silver Hobnail Design


This little Thor's Hammer is just the right size for the ladies. Made of solid sterling silver with an unusual clean hobnail design. Measuring a mere 9/16" long and wide, it is solid with a flat back that can be engraved. The perfect size for a shield maidens daily wear.

The Viking god Thor owned a short-handled hammer, which, when thrown at a target, returned magically to its owner. His hammer also had the power to throw lightning bolts. To wield his hammer, Thor wore the a magical belt, which boosted the wearer's strength and a pair of special iron gloves, to lift the hammer. The hammer was also his main weapon when fighting giants. The uniquely shaped symbol subsequently became a very popular ornament during the Viking Age and has since become an iconic symbol of Germanic paganism.

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