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Snake Vertebrae Earrings - Primal Elegance - Moon Raven Designs



Snake Vertebrae Earrings - Primal Elegance - Moon Raven Designs - Burnished Bronze We have included them in as earrings in our Primal Elegance line. Primal Elegance is taking our Moon Raven Designs pieces and giving them an Elegant Twist. Our bronze detailed delicate snake vertebrae was made from six real prairie rattlesnake vertebrae. After fusing the bones together and adding a tiny bail on top I set about making a mold of the very fragile master which completely disintegrated when I removed it from the finished mold. Some pieces of the bones had to be removed with tweezers as they were paper thin. Although the completely 3D finished pendant looks exceptionally delicate, it is in fact very robust when cast in jewelers grade bronze. The are then suspended on some vintage chain and then hung from two bronze fishhooks. The earring from the top of the hook measures 4". 


WEIGHT: 5 grams

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