Sterling Silver White Bronze
Sterling Silver White Bronze Bronze Jackson's Chameleon Necklace Jackson's Chameleon Necklace

Jackson's Chameleon Necklace

This cast Jackson's chameleon skull is made from a real lizard skull. This nicely detailed skull measures 1-3/4" long not including the bail.  It almost looks like a miniature version of a triceratops dinosaur skull, look at all those horns.  


Jackson's Chameleons are native to the humid, cooler regions of Kenya and Tanzania, East Africa, found in great numbers at altitudes over 3,000 m. The subspecies xantholophus was introduced to Hawaii in the 1970s and has since established populations on all main islands. This population was the primary source of Jackson's Chameleons for the exotic pet trade. However, the exportation of these animals (and many others) from Hawaii for the pet trade has been made illegal to prevent opportunists from wilfully establishing further feral animal populations in order to capture and sell them.



AVAILABLE PENDANT METALS:  Bronze, White Bronze and Sterling Silver

SIZE:        1-1/2"L X 5/8" W

WEIGHT: 2 grams


Bronze - 24" Antique Bronze Chain

Silver Plated White Bronze Version - 24" Gunmetal Chain

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